Who runs FLiSCA?

There are eight Board members, duly elected at the Annual General Meeting held in November each year.  The Board as a whole meets four times each year.

The current members of the Board are:

Mike Daniel          (Chairman)
Richard Blamey    (Treasurer)
Gwyneth Knight   (Limpley Stoke Parish Council Representative)
John Adler           (Freshford Parish Council Representative)
Stephen Dawson
Florence Rothman
Chloe Alexander
Orla Morrish

This Board is split into two groups, performing different functions but under the overall umbrella of FLiSCA.

One part (known as the Galleries Management Group) oversees the shop itself.  It works with the Shop Manager and a number of volunteers.  Members of the  FLiSCA Board fulfilling this role are Stephen Dawson  (Chair), Chloe  Alexander, Florence Rothman, and Orla Morrish.

The other four members of the Board (The Community Group) are responsible for generally overseeing FLiSCA, interacting with other groups within the community, and overseeing the Grants process.

The Board is also assisted by a secretary who attends Board meetings and assists in administrative matters.  The present secretary is Steve Best.

Who are the members?

Originally, it was envisaged that residents of the parishes would pay a small fee to become a member and thereby be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM.  However, the Board are likely to be proposing at the next AGM that all residents of the two parishes are automatically members.

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