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The Galleries Shop & Café offers a wide range of products and services – and seeks to expand this all the time in a bid to serve its customers better.

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The Galleries Shop aims to carry everything a normal household needs, obtained as locally as possible.  Listed here are the products we think are a bit special:

Fresh frozen and smoked fish from Mere Fish Farm

Mere Fish Farm deliver to us on Tuesdays their delicious smoked trout terrine, smoked rainbow trout (frozen) and fresh trout and other fish by special order.

Two new local cheeses

These two cheeses come to us from Manor Lodge, Litton, Radstock:  A fresh ewes cheese which comes in 150 g pots.  Ewes cheeses even form part of some non-dairy diets.  And Old Demdike – which comes in 400g rounds.

BBQ Charcoal from our very own woods

This charcoal – for sale in the shop – comes from Stoke Wood just over the A36 where Karen and Adam of the Heartwood Project are ‘reviving the pulse of the woodland culture’ with the help of a grant from the Cotswold Sustainable Development Fund.  They run occasional courses in charcoal making and greenwood work and hope to offer activities and exploration days for children and young people.  See their interesting website.

 Reading specs

Frustrated when you can’t find your one pair of reading glasses?  Have several pairs –  strategicall placed around the house and your handbag!  We now stock a selection of inexpensive attractive pairs of reading specs at the most common magnifications – some very brightly coloured!  But not all …

Green Stationery items

100% recycled office paper, envelopes, wrapping paper, jiffy bags, ringbinders and many other office supplies – all from a company only six miles away, in Bath.

Local apple juice

Our local apple juice is produced only 10 miles away – in Compton Dando – from 34 different types of apple tree.  Tell us your favourites.  We tend to go for James Grieve, Egremont Russet, Braeburn, Cox Orange, Red Devil and Crawley Beauty unless we hear otherwise.  Empty bottles can be returned to the shop to be re-used for more apple juice.

Shop-baked bread, croissants and pastries

We bake five different loaves and seven different pastries fresh every day.  We are happy to take orders over the telephone so customers can be sure that the particular loaf they want is waiting for them when they come into the shop.  But we also stock regular sliced bread of various types, delivered fresh every day.

‘Artisan’ bread

Special ‘artisan’ bread made by Bath celebrity chef Richard Bertinet is available every Saturday.  This can also be ordered – with a deadline of Friday 11 am.

Ecover cleaning materials

We carry the environmentally friendly Ecover and bio-D products. Laundry liquid and dishwashing liquid are very popular.

King Bladud’s Pigs in Bath

We have a close connection to this popular 2008 public art event in Bath and carry the posters, cards, maps and brochures.  We also have “Country Pignic”, the pig originally sponsored by the Galleries Shop, on display on our terrace.  See also King Bladud’s Pigs Bath website.

Greeting cards by local artists

Some a number local artists and photographers supply the shop with an ever-changing attractive range of greeting cards:  Janet Pitt, Liz Barnes, Bridget Baker, Janet Coles, Emily Powell, Jane Callan, Kerrie McNeill, Judy Lanteigne and Serena Pugh  We have also had some special postcards printed, one with views of Freshford, the other of Limpley Stoke.  And one specially about the shop!  Come and see – we are sure you will find something suitable for your special occasion.

Fresh herbs from our herb garden

Freshly cut herbs are available from the shop’s own herb garden.

Borrow bags!

The shop’s guiding principle is “reduce reuse recycle” so we are very reluctant to offer our customers NEW plastic bags.  Customers often bring us USED plastic bags, but sometimes we run out.  We don’t want to be unhelpful to that lovely customer who has just done a big shop but forgotten their bag – so we now also have some “borrow bags” – bags made of remnants which customers can borrow for the day and return the next time they come in.   Or strong paper shopping bags for 15 p each.


The shop stocks all popular newspapers. Newspapers can be reserved, making sure you definitely get your copy even if it’s late in the day.  For this service, you do need a reverse credit account at the shop.

The most local fruit and veg of them all

Customers bring us surplus produce from their gardens to sell in the shop. We’ve had everything from rhubarb to raspberries, from figs to french beans.


Get tokens for the Freshford tennis court floodlights at the shop – as well as Slazenger tennis balls.

Plus … lots of items you will not expect us to have … from extension leads to rechargeable batteries – try us!



If you use your debit card for your purchases (minimum £5) we can give you up to £50 cashback.

If you are one of our Reverse Credit customers (customers who have an account, paying a certain amount into the shop at the beginning of each month for credit), we give you cashback without you having to make a credit card purchase.

Tetrapak recycling

 Tetrapaks CAN be recycled but only one of our two Councils collects them from the doorstep.  We can recycle your tetrapaks for you as the company which collects our cardboard for recycling every Tuesday is happy to take TetraPaks as well.  it helps if you can flatten them before you place them in the appropriate container.

Sandwich service!

Having a lunchtime meeting in your office?  Galleries Café can deliver sandwiches for that working lunch.  Email us for a menu and prices.

We WILL require 24 hours notice.

Baking to order

We bake bread, croissants an other pastries freshly in the shop every day. If you telephone ahead, we can make sure that we actually have exactly the freshly baked items you want available when you arrive.  Call us on 723 249!

High chair – and toy box

Keep your children comfortable – and amused – while you enjoy a cup of coffee at the shop. We have a high chair for you, and a box of toys and books to keep them happy.

There is also a nappy changing table in our toilet!


The shop is the perfect stopping point for a walk with your dog. You can keep him with you if out on the terrace, or tie him up safely just outside, with a bowl of fresh water.


The café serves panini and hot soup lunches and salads on weekdays – between 12 and 2. We now have an on site licence so we can even serve you a glass of wine with your meal. A good place for meeting a friend for lunch!

Jam jar exchange – and cartons and bubblepack

Customers bring us their surplus jam jars and they are snatched up by those who make jam in no time at all.  We always have a few in stock but no room to display them – so please ask!

We also receive lots of cardboard boxes which we flatten and recycle – but if you NEED a big box please give us a call and well will try to save one for you.

We also seem to accumulate bubblepack and other packaging fillers.  Do you have use for such materials?  Give us a call and perhaps we can save them for you next time we receive a well-padded shipment.

Local artists

Paintings by local artists are displayed on the shop’s high walls, on a rotation basis, with each set staying for about two months. Many are for sale.

Printing and laminating

We have a printer in the store room – we can scan or print from email – and charge £.10 per page.  We can laminate your A4 size document for you for £1.

Post Office

Our post office is open two mornings a week – Tuesday and Fridays from 9 to 1. It offers all the usual post office services plus, some requiring advance notice:

  • foreign exchange
  • paying utility bills
  • banking (with certain banks)
  • moneygrams
  • mobile phone top-ups
  • receive your pension payments.

When the Post Office is closed you can still buy stamps of most denominations in the shop, and we can weigh your item and work out for you how much postage is required.

Tapwater on tap

Customers and visitors are always welcome to refill their water bottles from our tap.  In fact, an organisation called promotes that idea widely and has put our shop on their Internet map.  There is an Iphone application that helps you find such places, near where you are.

Local information and books

We stock books by our many local authors (including Miles Kington, Caroline Kington, Catherine Bruton, and Daniel Stark) and about local themes. We also hold copies of parish and other local newsletters and have a large noticeboard advertising local events and information posted by individuals (for a small charge). We sell tickets for any events happening locally, eg the popular pantomime, promises auctions, barn dances and the popular annual  ‘night at the races’.

We are also lucky to have Barefoot Books Publishers living in the village who donate some of their great children’s books to the shop.  Great presents for children.


Advertise your services, events or items for sale on our noticeboard – at 25p per postcard size advert per week (= £1 pw for an A4 notice).   Space is always scarce – so if you can manage to stick to an A5 notice or smaller, that will be much appreciated!  Activities that are entirely charitable and involve no admission charges are free – but we limit them in time.

There’s a separate noticeboard for official notices such as our alcohol licence, our insurance certificate, and police, school, pre-school and church notices.  These are free but we reserve the right to rationalise as there is limited space.

Free magazines

Both Bath Magazine and Bath Life are delivered to the shop for our customers and are available free of charge.

Parcels – receiving these for you while you are out

We can receive your parcels for you if you can’t be sure you are at home when they arrive – just give the shop’s address as the delivery address, then collect at your convenience.

Delivery of sandwiches for a corporate lunch

Map of Freshford, Limpley Stoke and environs, with suggested walks

Home delivery – or a transport service that picks you up and brings you to the shop


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