About Us

Welcome to the web page of the Freshford & Limpley Stoke Community Association (FLiSCA)

What is FLiSCA and why was it set up?

FLiSCA was established as a registered charity (number 1129476) in 2009 at the time the Galleries Shop was being planned.  FLiSCA is actually a company limited by guarantee which has elected to invest its funds in the Galleries shop.  Ancillary to this, it has entered into other agreements with, for example, the adjacent Village Hall Committee to secure parking rights for the shop. FLiSCA is the ultimate owner of the business of the shop itself, though it delegates the day to day running of the shop to the manager, operating with a separate management Board.  FLiSCA’s charitable status enables any profits made by the shop to be channelled towards charitable causes that benefit the communities of Freshford and Limpley Stoke.

How much is available for distribution?

FLiSCA’s income is derived partly from rent it receives from the shop and partly from any profit made by the shop. The amount available also depends on whether the shop requires any funds to be retained to cover items such as repairs to the building or a contribution to the maintenance or repair of the car park.  In most recent years, the amount available has been about £5000. However, applications sometimes do not reach this figure.

After considering all these factors, the Board is then able to distribute the surplus according to the charitable purposes set out in its objectives. It invites people and organisations in the parishes of Limpley Stoke and Freshford to make applications for funds to meet a local need or to assist them in their activities.

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