FLiSCA Grants

Who can apply for a grant and for what purpose?

An application can be made by any organisation or individual within the communities of Freshford and Limpley Stoke who can show a need for funds to assist with charitable purposes.

  • Charitable purposes are, in summary, those which are aimed at the relief of poverty or encompass educational, religious, or other community projects which benefit the whole, or a significant section of, the communities of the two villages.  Sports, leisure and environmental projects would come under this heading.
  • In practice there have been few applications from individuals. If there were such an application, there would need to be a close examination of the specific circumstances of the individual.
  • Applications for purely religious or political purposes would be refused, but applications in respect of the maintenance or enhancement of a religious building which benefits the community as a whole have been regularly granted.
  • The Board would expect an applicant to have explored other means of financing a project in the first instance, and, where possible, to obtain a contribution from other members of the organisation.  Many grants have been made on the basis that FLiSCA is simply making a contribution to the cost of a project.
  • The annual funds to be distributed by FLiSCA will rarely exceed £5000. It would be undesirable for one applicant to take an unduly high proportion of this sum. Usually, applications should seek a sum of less than £1000, though there can be exceptions to this.
  • The application must be for a future activity and not usually for a recurring activity
  • Any applicant must have a bank account and there will be a requirement that FLiSCA is informed that the supported activity has been completed.

Applications granted in 2019

St Peter’s Church
£1,000 of £2,000 application.

Limpley Stoke Parish Hall

£360 for work identified in application.

Freshford Memorial Hall

£1,000 towards flat roof repairs.

Freshford Village Memorial Hall 

£1,000 towards a new fire alarm system.


£80 for Bath Astronomers event and planetarium

Balsam Begone


15th Bath (Freshford) Scout Group 

£1,250.00. These were for tents and various aids for camping.

Examples of other Grants

Playpark equipment at Limpley Stoke Recreation Ground
Equipment at Freshford Badminton Club
Equipment for Brownies
Hand driers for Freshford Village Hall

These are examples, and should in no way be seen as a definitive list.  Indeed, the Board would welcome applications that came from new organisations or for purposes for which grants have not hitherto been awarded. The Board is keen to encourage younger people to make applications.

When can you make an application?

So that the larger applications can be fairly distributed, there is one window each year during which applications exceeding £250 can be made.  The Board has decided that in 2017 the window during which applications over £250 can be made will be from 27 February to 31 March.  The list of grants awarded will be made public at the AGM.

For sums up to £250, an application can be made at any time of the year.

How do you make an application?

An application form (there are two application forms – one for sums exceeding £250 and one for applications less than that sum) can be requested from the FLiSCA Secretary via the FLiSCA email, fliscamail@gmail.com .  If you do not have any facilities to send the application electronically then the Secretary or Chairman will be happy to receive a paper application delivered via the shop.  After raising any queries, the Community Group will examine the applications and make recommendations to the whole FLiSCA Board who will make the ultimate decision. The FLiSCA Board will consider the following criteria in determining the award of a grant.

How else can FLiSCA assist?

Certain advantages accrue from the fact that FLiSCA is, firstly, a charity, and, secondly, VAT registered.  It may assist other organisations within the community for any specific projects to be undertaken using the FLiSCA umbrella.  It may be appropriate, initially, for any such enquiries to be explored through the Parish Council representative who sits on the FLiSCA Board.  Some projects arising out of the recent village neighbourhood plan reviews may come under this heading.


Occasionally Parishioners may wish to make a donation through FLiSCA for some particular project. In this case, FLiSCA are able to claim Gift Aid in addition to receiving the donation. Click here for Gift Aid forms which should be completed by the individual and forward to the FLiSCA secretary at fliscamail@gmail.com

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